(1) What is academicerp?
academicerp is an online school/college management system that adapts to the system and process of your institution. The all-in-one software to manage schools and colleges. Anyone with basic knowledge in computers and with account can start academicerp easily.

(2) How to create academicerp account?
Every school/college can create accounts of its associated user. Anyone who is part of school/College will have account facility.

(3) How to get user ID & Password?
School/College creates account of individual who are part of system and will be provided to you by them.

(4) Who can be the part of academicerp?
Students, Teachers, Principal, Staff, Administration, Visitors, Trust and anyone who is related to school/College academics can be part of the system. They can know their activity by sign up account.

(5) How many modules covered into academicerp system?
academicerp covers all academic modules like attendence, Time Table, Fee, Scheduler, Homework, DMS, Examinations and many more and non-academic modules like Registers, Payroll, HR, Account and many more.

(6) How to get forgot Password?
To get your password, enter the email address you entered into academicerp profile. You will receive an email on this mail address for your account password.

(7) Is there Mobile version available for academicerp?
Use academicerp on the go from any location using the mobile web app. It supports iOS and Android smartphones. Install from App Store from iOS and Play store from Android devices.

(8) How academicerp can be used efficiently in Mobile version
academicerp provides mobile friendly view of important modules like attendence, timetable , Communication and Examination and many more.

(9) I just signed up for mobile application. How do I install it on my device?
academicerp Mobile Application is working on iOS and Android smartphones. Go to App Store from iOS and Play store from Android devices. Search academicerp - Parent and install it.

(10) Is it possible to see every year progress in the same account?
Yes. You are able to see academic progress of each year with same account.